Understand the Shifts in Consciousness in Our Reality & Learn how to Grow and Thrive in the Changing World!!! 
Offering personal intuitive guidance sessions in person or remotely. Group presentations focused on new trends in mysticism, ascension and higher consciousness for instruction or enlightenment – live or video conferencing. Attractive graphic design for busy holistic practitioners.
  • intuitive guidance & manifestation though pendulum alchemy, messages from the interdimensional realms & energies of higher consciousness
  • ascension readings to discover your level of spiritual consciousness & an overview of the great changes we feel
  • i ching & oracle card readings to guide you on your way though life’s changes 
  • attractive brochures & flyers / eye-catching signs & posters
  • programs, workbooks & slide-shows for seminars and classes

Chris Guleff

Graphic Designer  • Ascension Ambassador